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File Size Description Date/Time Uploader
ARJ250A.EXE 270k Robert Jung's command line .ARJ file compression program version 2.50a. For use with ARJ files. 02/20/1996 SysOp
ARJ260X.EXE 344k Robert Jung's ARJ archiver, v2.60. 08/09/1998 SysOp
ARJ270.EXE 448k Robert Jung's ARJ archiver, v2.70. 2-02-2000 Paul Goin
DPCT1610.ZIP 90k Disperse/Collect DOS uuencode utility 02/05/1996 Nightowl CD
JAR102X.EXE 495k JAR v1.02 for DOS 01/11/2011 Nightowl CD
LHA255E.EXE 64k LHArc v2.55E by Yoshi. Command line compress/decompress .LZH files. 11/15/1992 SysOp
LOOZ210.EXE 17k ZOO File extractor/manipulator 01/11/2011 SysOp
PK250DOS.EXE 203k PKZIP for DOS from PKWARE - version 2.50 of very popular command line compression program for .ZIP files. 04/03/1999 SysOp
PK361.EXE 117k PKPAK/PKunPAK for use with .ARC files. v3.61 by PKWare. Can be renamed to PKARC and PKxARC to work with most programs. Last PKware version of PKARC/PKxARC. 08/02/1988 SysOp
PKZ204G.EXE 198k PKZIP/PKunZIP v2.04G by PKWare. PK250DOS is newer, but may not work with some older DOS utilities. 02/09/1993 SysOp
SHEZ109.ZIP 284k SHEZ v10.9-ASP - Premier Compression Shell for DOS. ZIP,LHA,ZOO,ARC,ARJ,SQZ,PAK,UC2,HAP,RAR,WINDOWS COMPRESSED supported. One of the most full featured compressed file shells around, includes a full featured file manager that works in conjunction with 4DOS. Implemented new swapping algorithm to correct problem when running shez under 4DOS and OS/2. New internet FTP site added. 11/09/1995 Simtel CD