• System Downtime

    From Dumas Walker to All on Thu Dec 31 19:47:18 2015
    Sorry the system was down today for some unplanned downtime. I thought I had a hard drive to replace, but it has turned out to be an issue with the system itself. I still had the old machine that served as the SBBS server, so I swapped the drives around and got it working. It is a slower machine but, so far, I am not noticing any response issues.

    I was planning some downtime tomorrow to upgrade the operating system to Debian 8. I will still be doing that. I don't expect issues. We will see. :D
  • From Dumas Walker to All on Sat Jun 24 19:57:29 2017
    The systems will be down from sometime Sunday morning, 6/25, until the afternoon for an OS upgrade. I am planning to upgrade to the latest
    version of debian linux.

    Please try back again later if you find the system not responding.

  • From Dumas Walker to All on Sun Oct 29 18:04:16 2017
    The Synchronet FTP, web-board, and telnet system will be down sometime next weekend for an upgrade to the Synchronet software.

    The GT Power telnet and dial-up system should stay online during most of
    the downtime.